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Accelerating resident mobility into the tech economy.


Automation Workz at NAIAS

Automation Workz is a hands-on scavenger hunt held at the North American International Auto Show where teams scurry from exhibit to exhibit completing iSTEAM activities to score points to win cash prizes. These activities include computer programming, robotics-miniature and 5000 lb welders, Virtual Reality, 3-D printing, spatial reasoning, logic and mathematics problem solving.

GOAL: Our goal is to engage parents to embrace Math and overcome their math anxiety so as to engage themselves and their students in preparation for standardized exams to remove the barriers in matriculating to technical careers.

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A Cisco Networking Academy

Automation Workz Institute provides IT Certification courses to assist time-challenged working adults to leapfrog their income, above $20 an hour, without a college degree. Automation Workz Institute transforms complicated IT concepts into simple entertainment-based training curriculum. Initial Courses begin with Cisco Networking Academy curriculum in computer networking, Linux/ Python programming, cybersecurity and data analytics.

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21st Century Career Readiness Course

The dilemma workforce development faces is how to get individuals with low skills to invest in remediating their skill, especially related to tech and mathematics. Detroit is embarking on a plethora of jobs due to extraordinary economic expansion. Many are not prepared for the careers that have developed as they lack Algebra proficiency..

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Fluke -the wealth building game of accidental inventions

Fluke – the wealth building game of accidental inventions seeks to expose players to the wild, wild world of intellectual property ---- full of thrilling research, wacky inventions, stock explosions, and legal shoot outs. Players buy, sell and license the patents of inventions discovered by accident with the goal of accumulating the largest portfolio of patents, research corporations and cash as they maneuver through the Risk and Rewards in the world of intellectual property.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

A Tech mobile Detroit community is growing toward a business tech society to fill the 27,156 open IT jobs.

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