Our goal is to build an Inner City Wakanda, first in Detroit and then in 9 other urban cities.

Not familiar with Wakanda, the fictional city-state in the Marvel Black Panther movie. Click the video and view a snippet of inventions invented in Wakanda.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
— Alan Kay, father of personal computers

Uplift, Inc. seeks to bring technological invention and workforce growth that empowers communities to be safe, to reduce poverty and expand everyone’s living standards, collectively.

We believe AUTOMATION WORKZ for everyone when residents are prepared for the new technological changes that are occurring. Our goal is inspire 50,000 residents to become inventors, technologists and mathematicians. We seek to build a community Invention Center to empower research, learning and commercialization of inventions within the urban inner city.


The core of this Invention Center is learning technology and utilizing it to improve one’s life. We are in the midst of 2 campaigns:

  • Automation Workz Institute  - Scaling a Cisco Networking Academy to groom residents to become network engineers/ technicians and cybersecurity specialists, protectors of our power grids - electrical, water and internet.

  • Game Workz - Preparing residents to become master thinkers, problem solvers and mathematicians.

Inventing is dependent upon critical thinking skills. Math prepares individuals to think and hence invent.