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K.I.S.S. Begins at Home
K.I.S.S. Begins at Home reached  #2
on Amazon Kindle Bestseller List on  10/1/2012

K.I.S.S. stands for Kids ISuccessful Schools
Paperback version  released
Discounts available for quantities above 50 
Ida Byrd-Hill, our President, authored K.I.S.S. Begins at Home, to share her first-hand knowledge of solutions to the problems parents face when they interface with schools and how they can initiate those solutions from home to prepare their children for a career in Corporate America. She knows what Corporate America seeks to employ having served in Executive Search, Finances, Human Resources and Sales for 20 years. She knows how to prepare students for the global competition of the real world.

Ida Byrd-Hill was highlighted in Essence Magazine in a 3 page article titled, Helping our Children Achieve Excellence, May 2010 celebrating her educational advocacy as a single mother, having successfully created an alternative high school that provided 100 students the high quality education she provided for her own twins that she navigated through Detroit Public School. Her twins matriculated to Rochester Institute of Technology pursuing a major in New Media/ Software Engineering and Western Michigan University pursuing a major in Marketing. Her son was recognized as one of the top scholarship recipients at Detroit School of Arts Graduation Ceremonies 2011. These tips worked for her and 100 other families. They are sure to work for you.

New education reform models are invented daily but yet American school age children cannot compete with their global counterparts. K.I.S.S. Begins at Home returns parents, educators and students to the wholesome value driven ideas of yesteryear when parents were really a child's first teacher with a mix of new fangled ideas for the 21st century.

Organize a book club for Parents in your School, Church, Community Organization or Corporation. Read, discuss and implement it together. When parents are worried about their children they are not productive citizens, employees or members

Discounts available for quantities above 50 
Kindle version  K.I.S.S. Begins at Home


K.I.S.S. BEGINS at HOME Workshop Series for Your School, School District, Corporation and Community Organization

Uplift, Inc. has created K.I.S.S. Begins at Home workshop series to transition schools, school districts, community organizations and corporate staff to success. 

These workshops can be utilized to educate parents, students and staff. These presentations are sure to move audiences to action. Our staff teaches the sessions based on their expertise. 

Parent Seminars                                                                              2008-present

Current successful clients – Burton International, Harper Woods Jr./Sr. High School, John R. King Performing Arts, 

  • Invention Adventure Summer Camp piloted at Harper Woods High Summer 2012
  • Escape to College (College Preparation) Served 250 students and parents in 2011
  • Assisted 30 students matriculate to college in 2010,  50 in 2011 and 100 in 2012
  • Increased parent involvement participation by 30%


Detroit School of Arts                                                                                  2007- 2008

  •          MME Math proficiency increased to 17.58% from 12.70%
  •          MME Science proficiency increased to 27.27% from 23.53%

Hustle & TECHknow Preparatory High School    (H&T)                          2006-2007

  •              Piloted this classroom online curriculum school for high school dropouts
  •              Compiled Reading class that moved collective reading grade level from 4.2 to 7.8
  •              Sent three quarterfinalists out of 79 to the National Vocabulary Championship
  •               80% graduation rate,  100% postsecondary matriculation
  •        Educational Program of the Year 2007,  Automation Alley


Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art                                        2005- 2006

·         Increased Middle School Reading MEAP scores to 84% in  from 44%

·         Increased Middle School Math MEAP scores to 69% from 16%


Hanstein Elementary                                                                                    2002-2004

  • Increased MEAP scores to Math  69.1% from 39.1%
  • Increase in MEAP scores  to Reading 78.1% from  28.1% 
Wish students were engaged in academics every day all day?
Engage your parents to influence your students to embrace academics with K.I.S.S. Begins at Home workshop series


To schedule, Call 877-429-2370

or send email ida@upliftinc.org

This offer valued at $500 expires 7/16/2013

Does not include airfare or lodging for workshops outside Detroit Metropolitan area. 

For a detailed description of workshops, or to schedule either  a physical/ web based consultation contact us at 877-429-2370 or ida@upliftinc.org