Uplift, Inc. created Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date to highlight that children naturally synthesize, analyze, create and transfer knowledge while in play. If children can invent, tinker, create and make then, they can master science and its problem solving if presented in a format beyond pure theory.

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held Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Techshop Pittsburgh?
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Students completed these activities that require students to solve a problem with little adult instructionCheck out photos as students played, invented, tinkered, made and created.

Get dinosaur from one side of canyon to another utilizing a logic sequence
Learning the logic and sequence behind video games is more intense than playing the game
Fluke Corporate Simulation
Create a strategy to commercialize an invention to generate highest profits.

Getting schooled on corporate America by the Master (Game Master)
Implementing lessons to compete with colleagues                
 GameStop Outrank your Colleague Challenge
Generate the highest points to win game.
Outranking your colleague is hard focused work.
Sampling a new game requires attention to
detail and intense focus
Competition is fun. Showing off high score.
IQSmartMedia Bridge and Tent Making Challenge
Build a “Hurricane Resistant" Tent or a bridge that can hold 5 to 20 times its weight.
Making and planning a hurricane resistant tent
Completed tent.
Is it wind resistant?
Simple bridge. Can it hold
twice its weight?
Actually it holds five lbs of papers.Ten
times its weight.
 Learning Express LEGO Build Challenge
Build a vehicle or invention that moves one from point A to Point B
        Practicing flying new creation.                       LEGOs everywhere                                              Takeoff Planned!           
Pittsburgh Center Creative Reuse Wacky Invention Challenge
Build a wacky invention with wacky materials.
   Space Basketball Angelic Flower headband    Replica of a Jet space pack
Looks like a present. It is
a catapult to shoot
wads of paper at
colleagues secretly.
My new space ride
Techshop Build your own Chocolate Candy Mold
Build a custom chocolate candy mold from a plain piece of plastic.
Anyone can pour chocolate into a mold to make a candy bar. Not
everyone can make
a custom mold to create a candy bar.  Creating decoration for mold.
Mold is being pressed by the vacuum former machine.                  
Complete chocolate candy mold. I can't wait to pour chocolate into my custom candy
mold I created myself!!!
The next event will be held in Detroit -
February 1, 2014
Play always creates a positive emotional experience. At the
Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date, students did not even know they were learning. They learned the concepts of logic, inventing, physics, wind power, construction/building, economics, profitability, mathematical patterns and pure creativity. They learned how to invent. BRAIN-BASED LEARNING research states students retain approximately 80-85% of lessons during this play compared to pure lecture where the retention is only 5-10%

We believe INVENTING is the key to

  • success on standardized exams;
  • reducing America's engineer, programmer and scientist shortage.
  • attracting African American into STEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

The next event will be held in Detroit -
February 1, 2014

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