Relive the Play, Fun and Game Competition
Maker Faire Family Scavenger Hunt Game
held Saturday, September 6, 2014 at

Comau Innovation Campus

21175 Telegraph Road Southfield, MI 48033


Families came prepared to compete in a scavenger hunt - a live video game to solve invention, technological and mathematical activities to win cash. Families were to choose 1 of 3 activities at each of 6 exhibits.
The 3 activities were scored at 20 point, 30 point and 50 point levels highlighting their range of difficulty. The higher the point level, the more complicated the activity. The activities at the 50 point level were designed to be completed within 45 minutes, except activities were scheduled to be completed within 20 minutes.

Upon completion of the activity, families were to take a photo and upload it into the scavenger hunt app or enter the correct answer into the app. Maximum points  of the game is 400 if only 1 activity is completed per exhibit.

Uplift, Inc. Representative reviewed submissions and determined accuracy of activity completion and points.

Many families completed more than 1 activity to increase their points. 

The top three families were:

TEAM Digital DestructZ (Zupancic)           700 points

Cash Prize $100

TEAM Darden                                       680 points

Cash Prize $75

TEAM Heard                                        650 points

Cash Prize $50

      iRobot winner --
Jerina Cleveland

TEAM Cleveland 

What does BRIC stands for?
Building 1 car every ____ seconds
Photo BRIC
Design toothpick puzzle
Build working cup speaker
Build working motor
Complete 3 Cargo-Bot Tutorials
Complete 1 Easy Cargo-Bot level
Complete 1 Medium or higher Cargo-Bot level
Create 1 inch 3D structure
Create 1 inch 3D Tetrahedron
Create 1 inch 3D Cube
Play & Photo Cash Earned from Risk Scenario
Play & Photo Cash Earned from Licensing a Patent
 Play & Photo Cash Earned from owning Research Corporation
Complete 1 side Rubik Cube Race
Complete 2 sides Rubik Cube Race
Complete 3 sides Rubik Cube Race
UPLIFTComplete Hakitzu Bootcamp tutorial Complete 1 Hakitzu Beginning Combat Challenge Complete 1 Hakitzu Junior Coder Combat Challenge

                                                             Winner's Circle Slide Show 

KUDOS TO THE PARENTS! No Storm Or Electricity Outage Stops The Determined

Detroit Metro suffered Monsoon-like rains the evening before our event. Electricity outages were everywhere including across and down the street from the Comau Innovation Center. In fact all of the traffic lights were out causing people a delayed arrival.
Our goal was to encourage families to play and learn mechatronics, computer programming, 3D design, 3D geometry and spatial reasoning together. We achieved our goal with laughter and smiles to prepare them for computer operator jobs, computer programming jobs, computer software jobs, computer aided design jobs, industril robot operator jobs, industrial robot maintenance jobs.

Employer Needs

Employers desire thinkers, those proficient in iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Mathematics), to create software and hardware based products/ services to increase their efficiency and hence profitability. Employers are looking for the skills dubbed “The Four C’s”:

Critical thinking and problem solving

Effective communication

Collaboration and team building

Creativity and innovation
Love Video Games 

Games are... the most ancient and time honored vehicle for learning. They are the original educational technology.” (Crawford, 1984) “Play allows children to develop creativity, problem-solving, logic, social knowledge, and language.” (Christie and Johnson, 1991).

Play is social. Play creates environments where individuals explore, manipulate, sort, and describe the phenomenon they are investigating while constructing knowledge through such experiences (Harlen, 2001). Play and imitation are natural learning strategies. Having individuals play games to learn is simply asking them to do what comes naturally.” “Play provides individuals, both students and family leaders, the ability to explore and experiment on their own terms.” Play turns a mundane task into fun. When people are having fun they forget it is work meaning they stay on task a lot longer extending the learning process. 

Parents and students, alike, love video games. This generation of parents are engrossed in play. They are driving the growth of the video game industry. Here are Entertainment Software Association Industry Facts: 

  • Seventy-two percent of American households play computer or video games.
  • The average game player is 37 years old and has been playing games for 12 years.
  • Forty-two percent of all game players are women. In fact, women over the age of 18 represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (37 percent) than boys age 17 or younger (13 percent).
  • Fifty-five percent of gamers play games on their phones or handheld device
Automation Workz is a real life video game where families immerse into automation activities and unconsciously learn necessary skills that can be replicated at home. Many parents, who have never considered iSTEAM as a career option for their student, become interested.
Parents are an untapped resource for promoting STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) motivation and the results of our study demonstrate that a modest intervention aimed at parents can produce significant changes in their children's academic choices. (JM Harackiewicz)
Research shows children learn by being curious about the activities engaged in by parents, teachers, and friends. In particular, they are interested in those activities that parents, teachers and friends enjoy freely (Deci and Ryan 1992).
When parents encouraged students in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Mathematics, 40% of those children matriculated in those subjects in college compared to the 8% who did not receive such encouragement. This data was reported in Longitudinal Study of American Youth where 4000 Generation Xers were followed since 1987. This means they embraced and excelled in these subjects in middle and high school.
Employers desire thinkers to create software based products and services to increase their efficiency and hence profitability.
 5 steps to produce more Skilled Automation Workers
  • Recognize video gaming is a hyper intense problem solving skill
  • Expose students and parents to attainable iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Mathematics) careers.
  • Create challenging hands-on playful interactive activities with desired corporate skills ----
                     Computer programming
                     Critical thinking & Problem solving (Mathematics)
                     Creativity & Innovation
  • Infuse scientific method/ invention process within every activity and every subject (English, Math, Science and Social Studies)
  • Encourage students to invent a new product or service to assess whether the newly learned skill is transferable 
                                       Special thanks to our sponsors!!!                                                        Embrace their industry. Purchase their products.

Comau so graciously opened its facilities so families can see today’s advanced manufacturing factories are clean heavy duty robotic wonders. View the Comau Innovation Center here.


Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program. (MAT2) is a German style apprenticeship that provides students a tuition free associate’s degree and job simultaneously. Students can major in Mechatronics, Information Technology and Technical Product Design. Click their logo to secure open house dates and application procedures. Don’t wait til the last minute to apply!.



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